Lake Macquarie High School

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About our school

At Lake Macquarie High School we aim to prepare students for the world through challenge and achievement in a committed, caring and creative environment. The school is:

  • Comprehensive¬†
  • Co-educational
  • Inclusive¬†

Student welfare underpins the school's success with values of tolerance, understanding, responsibility, caring, respect and co-operation being part of the school culture. Leadership activities are offered to all students from Years 7-12 and there are many opportunities for students to be involved in the life of the school.

The small size of the school is a feature of its ability to offer quality and personal educational experiences. The special needs of gifted and talented students are recognised and catered for, as are those students who best learn independently. There is remediation available for students with learning difficulties.

Our school offers a high profile creative and performing arts program and is located directly next door to the multi- million dollar Lake Macquarie Regional Art Gallery, with its world class facilities and resources for educational experiences in the arts and the humanities .The school has been recognised for its award winning community and public art projects.

An outstanding feature of the school is our experienced and dedicated Teachers who deliver effective pastoral care programs that reinforce positive behaviours. Our Teachers constantly undergo training and development so that they can support the school's commitment to excellence. Our students wear their uniform with pride and participate in timetabled values lessons

Due to the comprehensive and personal approach at Lake Macquarie High School, students go on to pursue a wide variety of career paths including University, TAFE, Traineeships and Apprenticeships. There are excellent vocational education and training career options allowing for HSC students to combine TAFE and HSC studies. Our school aims to maximise every student's potential in the academic arena and in the pursuit of life goals.

Our school has a proud tradition of success in sporting and extra curricular activities. Our students have access to sailing and a broad range of sports, music, art and drama.

We enjoy strong support from our parents and the local community.

The school seeks to provide a quality comprehensive educational program which includes a sound formal education as well as extensive welfare programs and a wide range of sporting and cultural activities. The community socio-economic status is such that the school attracts additional funding under the Priority School's Funding Program. The school places a high priority on student leadership and student self esteem.

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