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Mathematics: Stage 6

Mathematics is deeply embedded in modern society. From the numeracy skills required to manage personal finances, to making sense of data in various forms, to leading-edge technologies in the sciences and engineering, mathematics provides the framework for interpreting, analysing and predicting, and the tools for effective participation in an increasingly complex society. Effective participation in a changing society is enhanced by the development of mathematical competence in contextualised problem-solving. Experience in such problem-solving is gained by students gathering, analysing and interpreting mathematical information, and applying mathematics to model situations. 


What do we offer?

  • 2 Unit Mathematics: The 2 Unit course is intended to give these students an understanding of and competence in some further aspects of mathematics, which are applicable to the real world. The course has general educational merit and is also useful for concurrent studies in science and commerce. It is a sufficient basis for further studies in mathematics as a minor discipline at tertiary level in support of courses such as the life sciences or commerce. Students who require substantial mathematics at a tertiary level supporting the physical sciences, computer science or engineering should undertake the additional Extension 1 course. 

    For more information about this course, check out the 2unit Math Syllabus (pdf 359 KB)
  • General Mathematics: The purpose of this course is to provide an appropriate mathematical background for students who wish to enter occupations that require the use of a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques. As well as introducing some new mathematical content, the various Focus Studies within the courses give students the opportunity to apply, and develop further, the knowledge, skills and understanding initially developed in the various Strands: Financial Mathematics, Data and Statistics, Measurement, Probability, and Algebra and Modelling. Upon completion of the Preliminary course, students are given the opportunity to either go through to HSC Mathematics General 1 (non-ATAR) or General 2 (ATAR).

    For more information about this course, check out the General Mathematics Syl (pdf 2887 KB)