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English: Stage 5

Year 9 is studying Other worlds: Exploring the Worlds Of Other Peopples and Their Experiences. Students will study:

  • The Power of Horror: Why have horror stories been so popular in so many cultures fo so long? They will be focusing on the legend of werewolves and compare Japanese horror with European texts and experiences. Students will study a broad range of film, short stories and artworks and focus on developing their creative writing and critical thinking skills.
  • Not My World: Novel studies which allow students to experience an unfamiliar world.
  • Aboriginal Poetry: Focusing on the life and writing of Kath Walker, Australia's first Aboriginal poet an some of the poets and lyricists who followed her.

Year 10 will focus on Changing Voices: Different Perspectives Of Texts and The World We Live In. Students will study:

  • Written Voices: Novel study which may include Deadly Unna?, To Kill A Mockingbird and Tomorrow When the War Began.
  • Australian Voices: Poetry by Judith Wright and Bruce Dawe
  • Shakespearean Voices: MacBeth and other texts
  • The Director's Voice: Auteur and the work of Alfred Hitchcock, especially Rear Window, Psycho and The Birds.

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