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English: Stage 4

Year 7 students are part of the LMHS Middle School and studying Humanities, combining English and History. Students lean about Ancient China, Ancient Egypt and Heroes.

Year 8 students will focus on Telling Stories: Why and how do cultures tell stories. Students will study:

  • It's My Life: Can we learn anything from reading? What lessons can we learn from other people's lives. Students will investigate imaginary experiences based on real life stories of children who have overcome a difficult even in their lives and will also involve research into another country and an understanding of the work of the United Nations Commission of Human Rights.
  • Culture Clash: Why do people and how can we appreciate difference while still being part of a harmonious community? Could these culture clashes happen in Australia? Students will also expplore fiction and non-fiction texts examining different experiences of culture clashes and how these could be resolved.
  • Songlines: Telling stories through song, poetry, ballads and short stories. Students will investigate, explore the oral history and traditions of local Awabakal community and create their own cultural Songlines.
  • Fiddling with Fairytalez: Why do fairy tales exist around the world? Why do we still like to share these stories and how have they been adapted for new audiences? Students will read multiple versions of these texts from different cultures and compare and contrast the different adaptations.

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